Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Saturday January 12, 2019 by South Williamson Baseball.

Frequently Asked Questions*

*information is currently being updated for the Spring 2019 season


Who are the SWA Field Sports Officers?

Vice President SWA Field Sports – Josh Woodward

President, Baseball – Keith Brawner

President, Softball – Matt Forkum

Secretary - Sarah Bull

Treasurer - TBD

Select Commissioner – Corey Anderson

Chief Umpire – TBD


When will the season start?

Practices will start the week of February 18th and Games will begin on March 30th.

Registration is available online with from January 12th through February 15th.

On-field assessments for coach pitch (5-6), rookies (7-8), minors (9-10) and majors (11-12) will be held on February 17. There are no assessments for T-ball.


How long will the season last?

Weather permitting, the regular season will run from March 30th - May 16th and the end of the season tournament will be held on May 18th.


How many practices will be held a week?

You can expect at least 2 practices per week until games begin, and then one practice per week thereafter.


How many games will there be?

There will be 1-2 scrimmages, 10 games, and an end of season tournament (weather permitting.)  Games will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If necessary, and only as a last resort, makeup games may be played on Wednesday nights and Sunday afternoons.


How much does it cost to play?

T-Ball (4-5) - $50

Coach Pitch (5-6) - $135

Rookie (7-8) - $145

Minor (9-10) - $155

Major (11-12) - $165

SWA Hitmen (13-18) - TBD by individual teams


My child was placed on a waiting list. Why does SWA limit the number of players they accept?

The population of surrounding communities in South Williamson County has grown in significant numbers since Heritage Park was built in early 2000.  Unfortunately, there have been no further ballparks constructed to accommodate the growing number of baseball/softball players in our communities. As an organization, we have appealed on many levels to acquire land for future ballfields, and anticipate plans for new parks in the near future. While we wait patiently for these plans to develop, we have examined many ways and partnered with surrounding parks and schools to allow us additional field space.  Even with this additional space, we continue to surpass registration numbers every year, causing us to limit the number of players we can accept in each division.  Once divisions are full, players are placed on a waiting list to allow us time to see if a placement is possible.  It is always strongly recommended not to wait until the last days of registrations to secure your child's space.


What do the fees go toward?


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  • (the return of) Majestic MLB Jerseys, MLB Hats, Pants, Socks, and Belts
  • Coaches Jerseys and Hats
  • 10 Regular Season Games
  • Post Season Tournament
  • Practices
  • Scrimmages
  • League Insurance Coverage
  • Game Umpires
  • Game Balls
  • Field Maintenance & Materials
  • Concession Workers
  • Tournament Championship Game Trophies


How are coaches chosen?

Coaches must register via the online registration process, and the board follows a selection process that is outlined in the associations’ competition handbook.  Coaches will also be asked to attend a coach's meeting and complete a background check.


How are teams selected?

In the T-ball division, the league attempts to honor all requests to play for certain a team/coach.  While we attempt to honor requests, we can’t guarantee that all requests will be honored.  After requests have been considered, the remainder of the team will be developed through a blind draft.

In the Coach Pitch, Rookies, Minor, and Major divisions, players will attend skills assessments and will then be drafted to teams.   Requests for a specific team/manager will not be accepted.  Team managers/coaches will be given the opportunity to protect up to five (5) players.  The remainder of the team will be developed through a draft. Players who are unable to attend skills assessments will be placed on teams via a blind draft.

In the SWA Hitmen 13 and up divisions, it is permissible to enter with an existing roster.  Players who have an interest in playing at this level, yet have not already been committed to a roster will be referred to Babe Ruth coaches to assess needs.  It is possible that Babe Ruth coaches may hold tryouts for selection of additional players.


When will the teams be picked?

Teams will be picked after skills assessments.  Players in the Tball division will be placed on a team, while all other teams will be assessed and drafted.  The draft process will take place immediately after assessments.  Assessments will take place at Heritage Park on February 17th.


At what age do kids start pitching?

Kids start pitching in the Minor division and they are typically between the ages of 9 and 10 years old.


Within what age group should my child play?

The age of your child as of May 1, 2019, should be used in determining the division in which they should play.


Where are the practices held?

Practices are held at Heritage Park, Evans Park, Bethesda Park as well as other available locations.


Where are the games played?

Games are played primarily at Heritage Park & Bethesday Park


Are practices and games held on Wednesdays and Sundays?

Yes, due to the number of participants and the limited number of fields, we are forced to have practices on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.  There are no scheduled games on Sunday; however, makeup games could be played on Sunday as a last resort.  Teams will most likely not practice on the same night each week. Because of limited field space, and the sizes/baselines/construction of each of our fields, rotation among teams each week is necessary for an effort to allow all teams adequate practice time on fields which are constructed to their specific age groups.


What equipment does my child need?

Your child will need to have a glove, cleats, bat and batting gloves.  The league will provide each player with a uniform.  The league will also provide catcher's gear and a batting helmet with a face mask to be shared.  While batting helmets are provided, it is recommended that each child have their own helmet.  Facemasks are strongly recommended.  For those players playing the pitcher position in coach pitch and machine pitch, a facemask is required unless a waiver is submitted and signed by both parents.