Spring Ball Registration & Season Information

Updated Friday January 11, 2019 by South Williamson Baseball.

South Williamson Athletics (SWA) Baseball is preparing for the upcoming 2019 Spring Season and registration will open this Saturday, January 12th.


SWA Baseball is a Cal Ripken Youth Baseball League focused on serving the Thompson’s Station, Spring Hill, and Bethesda communities.


Registration is available on the SWA Baseball Website from January 12th - February 15th.


Important Season Information


Rec Divisions

  • Teeball (4/5)
  • Coach Pitch (5/6)
  • Rookies (7/8)
  • Minors (9/10)
  • Majors (11/12)

A players division is based on their age on May 1, 2019.


Quick Tip:  TBall is all about fun (no scores, everyone hits, everyone fields); Coach Pitch introduces players to competitive games and live pitching - but the tee is still used if needed; Rookies is full-on coach pitch (but from a farther distance), Minors is when kids first start pitching, but no lead offs; and Majors is when we finally see pick-offs, lead-offs, and longer bases.  


In an effort to promote parity amongst teams, as well as an increased focus on player development, teams will be allowed to only protect five (5) players this season.  Unprotected players will participate in player assessments to be held on February 17th, and will be placed on a team via the draft on the same day.  (Teeball is exempt from the assessments and draft, as players will be placed on a team.)


Coaching and Volunteering


Coaches are needed in each division, so if you’re interested please register yourself as a coach on the SWA Baseball Website starting January 12th.  Head coaches will be selected early, so please submit your interest as soon as possible.  Note: all new coaches will be required to pay a $10 fee for a background check.  If you end up not coaching, we will refund your fee in full.  However, if you are a current SWA Basketball coach, or coached in the fall for SWA, your current background check is sufficient.


If you are interested in serving the league in other ways, please select the appropriate boxes during the registration process for your player, and/or email me:  keith.brawner@swatn.org.  The success of our league depends upon the time and energy invested by our parents, neighbors, and friends; and we so appreciate all of you who continue to give of your time year after year.  


Practices and Games


Practices will begin the week of February 18th, and you can expect a combination of either two (2) practices, or one (1) practice and one (1) scrimmageper week until the regular season starts.  Once the regular season starts, you will have one (1) practice a week and one to two (1-2) games per week.  These games will be played primarily on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays; and in rare cases, make-up games could be scheduled on a Wednesday night or Sunday afternoon/evening to ensure all games are played. 


As we did in the fall, we will continue to integrate our games and practices with the amazing kids and coaches of Bethesda Baseball.  This worked very well in the fall, and it allows us to increase the number of kids that can play ball because of the additional field space.


We will use the following fields during the Spring Season, all of which are located within a 10-15 min drive from each other:

  • Heritage Park (Games & Practices)
  • Bethesda Baseball Park (Games & Practices)
  • Evans Park (Practices until the Lions Club season begins)

The season will consist of 10 regular season games (starting on March 30th) and a 1 game minimum postseason tournament (slated for May 18).  Pending interest, there will be an option for playing in a rec-only open tournament mid-season (more info to come), and of course, the season will continue into June and July for the players selected to their divisions All-Star team.


Player Fees


The player fees include/cover:

  • (the return of) Majestic MLB Jerseys, MLB Hats, Pants, Socks, and Belts
  • Coaches Jerseys and Hats
  • 10 Regular Season Games
  • Post Season Tournament
  • Practices
  • Scrimmages
  • League Insurance Coverage
  • Game Umpires
  • Game Balls
  • Field Maintenance & Materials
  • Concession Workers
  • Tournament Championship Game Trophies

The 2019 SWA Baseball fees:

  • Teeball - $55
  • Coach Pitch - $135
  • Rookies - $145
  • Minors - $155
  • Majors - $165

Please note that a $10 multi-player discount will be applied for the second player (and each additional player) in the same family.  This will be done automatically through online registration, with the only exception being families with both softball and baseball players.  You will need to reach out to the league to have the discount applied.


Upcoming Dates

  • Registration:  01/12 - 02/15
  • 'Surviving the Storm' Clinic:  02/16
  • Player Assessment:  02/17
  • League Draft: 02/17
  • 1st Week of Practices:  02/18
  • 1st Week of Scheduled Scrimmages: 03/04
  • Opening Day:  03/30
  • Final Day Of Regular Season:  05/16
  • Post Season Playoff:  05/18

*These dates are subject to change due to the impact of weather.


Remember, register your players early because teams do fill up fast.  We hate to turn kids away because we reach our maximum size, but we have to do it every year.  If you have any questions, please reach out.